Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First impressions of WordPress

For reasons that may become significant, I began my first install of WordPress yesterday evening. My install was under CygWin, and most of the challenge was getting WP's dependencies met, PHP being the most frustrating. Eventually I found apt-cyg and cygwinports.org, both from Victor Miti's excellent primer Installing and Configuring Apache, PHP & MySQL on Cygwin, which had most of what I needed.

After getting Apache2, MySQL, and PHP working, the WP install itself was a breeze, and the content management features seemed straightforward and mature out of the box. On day 2, I've stumbled onto the WordPress Console plugin, and the P2 theme, both being fairly snazzy:

I can see from this brief exposure, and from an interview with a VideoPress developer, why they have such a thriving community. Good stuff all around, folks... whether or not you end up hiring me.

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