Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 Years Later

My weight over the last two years:

From WeightLoss

So, yay me. Why obsess about the chart and daily weights after the giant slide down from doughy to healthy? So I don't lose track of where I'm at. So I can quickly see when my habits need to be tweaked (like they do now after a lazy winter), rather than oscillating between fat and thin. So I can keep my confidence high, and so I can base my self-image on something concrete. "Look, here's proof that you know yourself, and that you're in control. Here is a problem that you solved, and here is the strength of your resolve over a long time. You da' man."

Other news: The Wife and I are getting ready to head off for an anniversary trip this weekend. Our first. Our first of many. We're heading down to Chicago in search of food, culture, and old hotels.

I took the soccer team to Magic Mountain to play lasertag, ride go-carts, and play video games last weekend. It couldn't have gone better. 3/4 of the team showed up, the sun came out just in time to warm things up enough to open the go-cart tracks, I hit a few jackpots on VRS Marbles (which is still there and still functional after 5 years) and donated my prize tickets to the girls. The girls were all smiles for the day, and Stacey has another strong, positive memory of childlike fun with her peers - important as she grows further away from childhood every year.

Bad news? Not much. I'll need brake pads on my car by the end of the Chicago trip. I can't claim "Head of Household" on taxes anymore now that I'm married (which means what, exactly, about the government's opinion of married men?). I've taken to constant Claritin-D and the Neti Pot to stave off morning headaches now that Spring has arrived. I spent a year basically pain-free after my sinus surgery, taking no antibiotics or Nasonex, and slept like a baby most nights. Now I've discovered I'm not immune from all pain, but hopefully I'll stay in better shape than I was before the surgery, buying ibuprofen in bulk, taking off sick monthly, being nauseous from the constant stream of antibiotics in my system. That sucked.

I'll try to get some pictures from Chicago uploaded after we get back, and maybe I'll get around to posting the long-overdue shots from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, too.

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