Sunday, January 01, 2006

Interesting commentary style on arstechnica

The website is, so I believed, a tech news site similar to Wired or any of the Ziff/Davis fare. I rarely surf these sites directly, but instead read individual stories from these sites that are linked to from sites like I read an interesting story today written by Ryan Paul, that contained an unusual amount of opinion mixed in with the normal reporting. The article was on Internet censorship in China, and is available here.

Here are some of the more interesting comments that pepper the article:
  • Like most other communist states, China and its government have very little respect for civil liberties and personal autonomy.
  • Censorship of Internet pornography is rarely effective.
  • I doubt that censorship and oppression in China will end any time soon,

    It's almost as though I'm reading my local paper, The Columbus Dispatch. This article appears today listed on arstechnica's front page under the column "From the News Desk". Despite being declared news, most of the aritcle is either opinion or factual declarations without sources being cited (e.g., "the communist regime has committed its resources to crushing web sites that challenge government authority").

    So my question is, did Mr. Paul get paid for this? If so, where can I submit my stream of thought opinions for some extra cash?
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