Monday, July 25, 2005

Taking a breather

I just finished with a significant haitus from writing (hence no journal entries for a while), and a week's vacation from work where I didn't do a damn thing but sit around the house, watch TV, and play with my kid and my dog. It was wonderful.

I finished off the week last night by chaperoning Stacey and all but one of the neighborhood girls in a trip to the movies and a sleepover. They paid back my kindness by staying up until 4am shouting and giggling. In hindsight, Sunday may not have been the best day to plan that.

This morning, after sleeping for almost a full 3 hours, I woke to find them all camped out in the living room, sleeping in a big row, curled up in different shapes, and looking very cute. That was certainly worth missing a full night's sleep.

The only things I accomplished in the past 9 days were paying some bills, putting air in a low tire on my car, and improving my Joust game. I can now regularly hit 120,000 points in a game, and have 6 games over 200,000 points, a score I never managed to hit in the arcades back in the 80s when the game was still popular. With a little work on handling multiple pterodactyls and multiple blue guys, I'll be able to hang in there for several more waves regularly.

Unfortunately my Joust game and hanging out with gaggles of chatty little girls will have to wait a while, until I can catch up on real world stuff like keeping my job.

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