Tuesday, June 21, 2005

News of the day

I've been reading lately about Stetson Kennedy, the anti-bigotry activist who infiltrated the post-WWII KKK. His claim to fame was giving the producers of the Superman radio show information about the Klan, such as passwords, rituals, and coded speech used to identify fellow Klansmen while traveling. The information promptly made it into a four-part "Superman vs. the KKK" series, which humiliated the Klan.

Interesting man, outspoken and a little full of himself, which I find likeable in this case. I was just reading through an essay of his about us gearing up for war against Afghanistan and Iraq at http://www.stetsonkennedy.com/terrorist_hunt.htm. Interesting read, and I don't agree with all of it, but he makes a number of good points.

On the lighter side, some of today's Google news headlines eerily match some popular television shows:

Miss. jury split 6-6 in 1964 murder trial- Cold Case
Democrats playing politics with Bolton- West Wing
Intruder fatally shot in US courthouse- The Insider
Rigases sent to prison for looting cable firm- Law and Order
Cruise to sue water squirters- Nip/Tuck
15 Iraqi police die in suicide bombing- Over There
FBI Chief Won't Mandate Terror Expertise- The Closer
Justices fault defense lawyers for not digging deeper for evidence- CSI

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